…Ihr Bikeshop in Naturns

General terms and conditions

Useful Information:

  1. All rental bikes are serviced and inspected by Ötzi Bike Shop after each rental.
  2. The desired rental bike can be reserved prior to your arrival through Ötzi Bike Shop’s online reservations site.
  3. All mountain bikes can be rented with SPD- clicks, combi pedals, platform pedals or flat pedals. Different pedal systems must be brought by the lessee and will be mounted on the desired rental bike in the shop.
  4. On all racing bikes, Look Keo or Shimano SPD pedals can be mounted. Different pedal systems must be brought by the lessee and will be mounted on the desired rental bike in the shop.
  5. Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended. Helmets are included in the rental price.
  6. The rental bikes are not insured against theft and the lessee is liable for any loss or damages (see contract).

lease contract – general terms and conditions:

By signing the present agreement , a lease contract is concluded between the Ötzi Bike Shop located in Naturns, Hauptstr. 25 – hereafter referred to as “lessor” und the undersigned _____________ ______________ born on _________________ in ____________________ and residing in ______________________________________- – hereafter referred to as “lessee”.

The lessee confirms:

  1. to have inspected the hired item(s) prior to signing this agreement and have checked that they are satisfactory, in safe condition and fit for use. (Possible defects must be reported during handover.)
  2. to have received from the lessor or its employees an enrollment / operating instructions and to have understood them unequivocally.
  3. to not undertake any manoeuvre which is beyond his level of skill or unsuitable for the bikes capability.

The lessor assumes no liability for any loss or injury of any kind to the  lessee and / or third parties arising from the use of the rental object.

  1. not to pass on the rental object to third parties for use.
  2. to be liable for any deterioration (damage) or destruction (loss) of the rental object for the entire rental period.

The rental object is not insured and, apart from normal wear and tear, it must be returned to the lessor in the same condition as received. In case of damage the lessee will be charged the value of the broken material and the costs of repair. In case of loss the current value of the rental object will be charged.

  1. to return the rental object no later than 08.30 AM on the following day.

For any delay in the return, the lessee will be charged an additional full day rent for each day delayed.

  1. to pay the rental fee, at the latest, upon return of the rental item/s.
  2. to grant the lessor permission to manage his personal data in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/2006. The data is only used to allow processing of service requests and will not be disclosed to third parties.
  3. to have taken note of all of the above conditions, understood them clearly and to give his consent.


Place: ______________ Date: ______________ Signature: ____________________

In terms of the legal provisions of Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code, the above Article 3 (liability for property / personal injury), 5 (liability for deterioration and declining the rental object), 6 (calculation of additional days for late return, 8 (Privacy Policy) after a second reading explicitly recognized and approved.


Place: ______________ Date: ______________ Signature: ____________________